Minato Carnival FD

Minato Carnival FD – Minato Carnival

This Fandisc was created to celebrate Minato Carnival’s 5th Anniversary. There are new characters and scenarios for both the Tsujidou-san and Anegin series.

–Tsujidou-san Jun’ai Road New Episode–

It’s 2013, a year after Hiroshi met Ai Tsujidou and spent time with other delinquets during a turbulent summer.

There had been rumors that an unindentifed person was hunting delinquets in Shonan, the city where Maki graduated which seemed to be peaceful.

The delinquents in that area have been getting excited knowing that that hunter was running around.

Considering that the protagonist Hiroshi Hase has not been in love for a year, which girl will he choose?

As younger heroine Yui Aketashi meets with the the protagaonist who she dearly misses, the story of delinquet girls starts again.


TitleMinato Carnival FD
Play timeLong
DeveloperMinato Carnival
PublishersMinato Carnival
Age rating18+

Minato Carnival FD
Size: 5,8gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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