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Spiral!! – Navel

Chrome is an agent for the Divine Intelligence Agency who had just finished a difficult infiltration mission when he was suddenly called in by his boss for a new task. When he was told that it was concerning the royals, he wondered what dangerous job it would be this time, so he couldn’t believe his ears when he heard what it was.

“Eh? It’s just attending a school…?”
“Correct. They want you to enrol as a student in the human school specified in the file I just gave you. As a human, of course.”

It seems that recently the princess of the God realm was thinking about studying in the human world, so they wanted him to do some investigation in advance. He had hoped to take a much-needed break this summer, but he had no choice but to accept the mission.


Play timeMedium
GenreMagic, School, Slice of life
Age rating18+

Spiral!! [JP]
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