Widgetbox: Make a Widget From Your Blog

Guest Post by Will Price, CEO of Widgetbox

In honor of Blogger’s 10 birthday, all of us at Widgetbox are excited to announce a partnership with Blogger that allows you to quickly and easily turn your blog into a widget. Whether you want to add your blog’s headlines to your main website, let your fans showcase your content to their audience, or you want a widget that helps make your content more discoverable across the web, Widgetbox-powered widgets will help you get the most visibility for your content, while eliminating the need for any manual updating or management.

For example, the Blogger Buzz widget below was made in seconds and includes posts, images, and Blogger Buzz branding:

Key Benefits?

  1. The easiest way to build a widget from your blog
  2. Colorful, interactive, and engaging
  3. Easy to add to Blogger and sites across the web
  4. As you update your blog, the widget automatically updates with the latest posts, headlines, and images
  5. Helps you reach new readers and drive traffic back to your blog

How Do You Build Your Widget?

Building a widget with Widgetbox is simple, easy, and fun. Simply:

  1. Enter your blog feed
  2. Design your widget’s look and feel
  3. Publish the widget
  4. Add it to your site and watch it spread across the web
  5. Access statistics on unique views, widget installs, and other blogs and domains that have installed your widget

Tens of thousands of Blogger users have already made a widget from their blog on Widgetbox. Take your blog feed, make it into a widget, and share it with everyone. It’s that easy!

This is one of many features announced as part of Blogger’s 10th birthday. Happy Birthday!

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