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With those of us in the U.S. about to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a good time for us to express a bit of appreciation. In that spirit, I’d like to second Jordan’s shout-out to some of our enthusiastic Blogger Help Group members:

We have a nice little community of Bloggers here and I’m happy to see our membership continue to grow each day. This group is here for you, Bloggers, to get help and trade tips, and I believe we have a few individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty to help folks out. That’s right, we’ve got a few Blog*Stars (the official term) amongst us, and each of them deserve recognition. Chuck (Nitecruzr), Ron (Rat), Peter (Enviroman) and Rose (Swtrose), I’d like to thank you for the help and dedication you’ve shown in this group. You, my friends, are officially dubbed Blog*Stars.

Thanks to all these folks, and to everyone else who’s helped to make the group not only a useful resource but the cool new hangout for our bloggers. (Including you, Jordan!)

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