Epiphyllum in Love Free Download


With the development of technology
Memories became controllable
Subsequently, the soul becomes a commodity
Every memory has a price and can be bought and sold

The main character [me] is a person who sells his memories
But there is always a girl in my mind who cannot be forgotten

Who is this girl named [Yin]?
What kind of past did she have with [me]?
When all the memories are discarded
What should we do to find our true selves?
Should we die with a beautiful fantasy?
Or should we search for her sad memories?


Title: Tanhua
Length: 10 Hours
Developer: #workshop
Pubilsher: NVLMaker
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance



File Name : Epiphyllum in Love
File Size : 543 MB
Password : visual_novel_lovers

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