For The Love of Dog!

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Does your dog have a blog? Buster has one. Check out his entry from two days ago:

Today the sun was out and it was in the 70’s. I was playing outside in a big field. Like always when its warm outside. Well, I decided to break my 2 month drought and go number 1 and 2 outside. Everyone was saying how good I was and I got a treat.

Nice work, Buster! Also, congratulations to our friends over at Dogster for their recent Webby nomination. From the press release:

Dogster founder Ted Rheingold isn’t one to rest on the success of the sites. “We expected the sites to be popular but never anything like this. With all these passionate members why not make more fun and convenient features for them, such as diaries, leaving treats or our hotel booking system dedicated just to pet-friendly establishments. In fact almost all new features are driven exclusively by what users tell us they’d like to see next. We’re a very young dog and we’re gonna learn every trick they ask of us.”

Seems like this blogging thing is catching on.

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