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I just recieved an email from a Blogger user named Wayne asking if we were going to address some of the slowness issues with Blogger. We do still update Blogger Status (although there was a recent glitch with it). Performance is a huge priority for us and we’re adding a bunch of new machines right now to speed things up. New machines are not an issue because here at Google we can add them quite smoothly as needed. The real issue is power—actual electricity, if you can believe it. So now we’re adding more power in addition to more machines.

We use Blogger for this blog and many of the people on our team use Blogger for their own, personal blogs. We don’t have a super-special employee server that gives us preference over anyone else so we are just as frustrated with slowness and performance problems. That being said, we are just as eager as you to make this fix so things will be fast again. For more specifics, again, please check out the status blog.

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