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Based on a blogging-themed version of the Monopoly board from littleoslo, gaming site Kurnik just launched Blogpoly. From their post about the launch:

For a geek like me, there was no better theme for a Monopoly-like game that I planned to add (even Ghettopoly couldn’t compare).

Before you give it a try, however, please be warned that the game is highly addictive. Seriously. The Polish flavour of Blogpoly launched a few days ago is now attracting crowds of more than 3,000 simultaneous players, nearly as much as the most popular game on Kurnik (a Polish card game of Thousand).

I’m happy with where Blogger is, especially since we’re sharing the color with some cool people. Though, while the yellows can be pretty good, when I play I favor the oranges if I can get them. Nothing like catching someone right out of jail with a big ol’ hotel.

[via Joystiq]

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