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In the vicinity of the Imunis Mountains in the northern part of the Laupāsh region, it is possible to get a good view of the mountains.

It’s a force of light.

The dark forces of the demon army.

Army and…

They were constantly jostling for control of their lands.

After a distant and protracted period of warfare.

The dark forces were gaining in strength and gaining the upper hand in the war.

On any given day, the forces of the two parties are balanced.

This is because of the “Fall of the Demon King”, the overthrow of the dark forces.

Whether it is a lie or not, the demon army’s control over the city gradually begins to be disrupted.

Seeing the chaos, the angelic army attacked, and the balance of power was gradually reversed.

However, a man who saw the situation as an opportunity rose to the occasion and launched a new force.

The “crowds” are a group of people not often seen in large parts of Imbibe due to the harsh environment.

He used to be a sleeper, a madman who for some reason took on the form of a human body.

Inside his fragile body, he possesses the powers of a sleeper.

He is able to control others through the use of his special magic and skillful use of lustre.

By using its innate and unique capabilities, the Claus can increase its own power, and it can also be used to help the company to achieve its goals.

This is the largest land of its kind in the world.

The new king of the demon race
He was going to lead the dark forces into the army of the remaining angels.


Title: Tenmei no Conquista
Length: 50 Hours
Developer: Eushully
Pubilsher: Eushully
Genre: RPG



File Name : Tenmei no Conquista
File Size : 4 GB
Password : visual_novel_lovers

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