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Have you tried out Blogger in draft, Blogger’s experimental features site, recently? Blogger in draft is a version of Blogger with features we’re trying out before we “publish” them to everybody on the main site. (See our original announcement: “Blogger… in draft.”)

If you’re feeling adventurous, all you need to do to try it out is log in to instead of If you see the blueprint logo then you’re in the right place.

Our two latest features, which you can try out now on, are:

  • Scheduled Post Publishing If you write a post on Blogger in draft and set the post’s date and time to some time in the future, we’ll schedule the post to appear on your blog at that time, and not before.
  • Blog List Add a blogroll to your blog’s sidebar. The Blog List is powered by Google Reader, so it can show when each blog was last updated and even include post titles and snippets.

Keep in mind these features are still being worked on, and let us know if you find any problems.

We have other page elements on draft, too:

  • Help your readers subscribe to your blog in their favorite feed reader with the Feed Subscription page element.
  • Add any of the thousands of Google Gadgets to your blog’s sidebar with our Google Gadget support.
  • Search over your blog, your Link Lists, or all the pages you’ve ever linked to with the Search Box.

We post the latest news about Blogger in draft to the Blogger in draft blog. Stop by often and write comments about how the draft features are working for you.

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