Comment Like a Pirate Day

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Ahoy sailors. The infamous pirate Edward Teach once wrote in his ship’s log (or “p’slog” in 18th century slang):

Such a day found one with a great deal of liquor on board, so kept the company hot, damned hot; then all things went well again [cite]

Yar. Now, had Teach written this on a blog, his crew may have wanted to comment on it (“Pass me th’ bottle,” “when can we go back to Port Royal?,” “why’s the rum gone?,” &c.). Until today, they may have had a great deal of trouble, above and beyond the significant scarcity of reliable Internet access in 1718 colonial America. A pair of issues have plagued Blogger and the Blogger beta: Blogger users unable to comment on beta blogs, and beta users unable to comment on Blogger blogs.

For the benefit of time traveling pirates with hypothetical weblogs everywhere, these issues have been well and truly keelhauled. Get thee to commenting, w’ abandon!

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