D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~

D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~ – CIRCUS

The island closest to the sky, Kagamijima.

On this island, there is a lake that reflects the sky like a mirror, and the symbol of the island, a large cherry blossom tree, stands in the Shangri-La Garden.

Kujyo Souma, a student at the Shangri-La Garden, is a childhood friend of the rotten queen.
His childhood friend, the rotten queen, Ainoa Yasaka, and her older sister, Ainoa Yasaka, who is also the student council president.
Her older sister, Tokisaka Yukina, is also the student council president.
Akari Shirakawa, a young lady of high rank
Ainoa’s younger sister, Kako Yasaka, who is also her older brother, and
Ainoa’s sister, Kako Yasaka, who loves her brother, and a mysterious well-informed man named Suginami.
They spend their school life noisily but happily.

At the school, there is a mysterious cherry tree, known to the students as the “cherry tree of the scales”.
This cherry tree, which represents the consensus of the students regarding events in the school, is valued by the students who love festivals.

Whenever there was a “weighing event” that everyone was interested in, the students would wear a white or black cape over their uniforms and ask the cherry tree to weigh their thoughts.
This was the school’s rule.

The latest topic of conversation at the school is whether to make this year’s “Koukasai” a cultural festival or an athletic festival.
It is a school tradition that the members of the cultural and athletic clubs are engaged in a battle of appeals for the “scales” organized by the student council in order to secure a place to play an active role in the festival.

Then one day.
Souma visits Lake Suikagami, and in front of him, “another cherry blossom” that has not bloomed for years shines and blossoms.
As he looks up at the sky, a girl falls from the sky along with the falling petals of the cherry blossoms.

Yes, you are …….”

the mysterious girl, Ruihua Sakurarai, whispers.

A boy and a girl meet, and their destinies begin to move.

The story of a boy and a girl opens amidst unseasonably dancing cherry blossoms.


TitleD.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~
AliasesD.C.5 ~ダ・カーポ5~
Play timeLong
Age rating18+
Japanese Version

D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~ [JP]
Size: 4,9gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~ [JP]
Size: 4,9gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~ [JP]
Size: 4,9gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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