Environmental Blog Roundup

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In honor of Blog Action Day, we wanted to highlight some of the many Blogger-powered blogs that are focused on the environment, climate change, and sustainability. Want to see more Blog Action Day participants from around the web? Find them on Blog Search.

  • Cleantech Blog – Commentary on technologies, news, and issues relating to next generation energy and the environment.
  • The Conscious Earth – Earth-centered news for the health of air, water, habitat and the fight against global warming.
  • Earth Meanders – Earth essays placing environmental sustainability within the context of other contemporary issues.
  • Environmental Action Blog – Current environmental issues and green energy news.
  • The Future is Green – Thoughts on the coming of a society that is in balance with nature.
  • The Green Skeptic – Devoted to challenging assumptions about how we live on the earth and protect our environment.
  • Haute*Nature – Ecologically based creative ideas, art & green products for your children, home and lifestyle, blending style with sustainability.
  • The Lazy Environmentalist – Sustainable living made easy.
  • Lights Out America – A grassroots community group organizing nationwide energy savings events.
  • The Nature Writers of Texas – The best nature writing from the newspaper, magazine, blog and book authors of the Lone Star State.
  • Rachel Carson Centennial Book Club – Considering the legacy of Rachel Carson’s literary and scientific contributions with a different book each month.
  • Sustainablog – News, information and personal meanderings related to environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics.
  • These Come From Trees – An experiment in environmentalism, viral marketing, and user interface design with the goal of reducing consumer waste paper.

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