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Our newest graduate from the Blogger in Draft testing ground improves the experience of blogging on the go. In this release, we’ve updated the Dashboard to simplify setting up email and mobile posting for your blogs.

Enabling mobile posting is a great way to open up your blog to all sorts of instantaneous, real-world updates from wherever you find yourself. Stumble across something awesome that you want to share with the world right away? Snap a perfect picture on your phone that would be great addition to your photo blog? Our new mobile service supports SMS, MMS, and email posting, so there are plenty of options for ‘mobilizing’ your blog.

To set up SMS or MMS posting, simply click the phone icon next to a specific blog from your dashboard.

We’ll then show you a claim code, which you can send to BLOGGR (256447) via SMS (or [email protected] via MMS) to associate the blog to your device. (At the moment, SMS posting is only available in the US.)

To set up email posting, simply click the envelope icon next to a specific blog from your dashboard. You’ll then be prompted to create a secret email address for your blog. Emails sent to this address will be posted to your blog, and photo attachments will be inserted between the post’s title and body.

iPhone tip: SMS does not support photos, and the iPhone does not support MMS. To post pictures from your iPhone to your blog, set up email posting and email the photos to your blog’s secret email address. (For help on setting up email on your iPhone, see Apple’s “Email account setup” help article.)

You can even create a blog directly from your mobile device, by following the instructions outlined here. You will be able to claim it later once you are back at your computer.

So go ahead and take your blog on the go, and if you run across something cool, please tell us about it!

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