Blogger's a Fabulous Freebie!

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PC World has some kind things to say about Blogger, in its 101 Fabulous Freebies feature:

“Our favorite service is Blogger. The first major free blogging tool (launched in 1999), Blogger stays ahead of the game by remaining incredibly convenient to use and by offering a rich complement of features. If you have a Web server, you can use Blogger to publish your Weblog via FTP. But we like the easy way: hosting the blog on Blogspot. In about 5 minutes, we were able to create a blog, pick an appealing design, and start posting. Uploading images is a simple process, and the service supplies a generous 300MB of photo storage.”

“Blogger is especially friendly to mobile bloggers. Can’t get access to a computer easily? Send a picture or a text message from your phone to a special SMS address, and up it goes. Blogger’s Audioblogger service even offers voice blogging: Just call a special number, enter a code, and say your piece. Blogger converts the sound of your voice (up to 5 minutes’ worth) into an audio file and posts it for all to hear.”

A few of our siblings here at Google also got some love:

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