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So far, the blogosphere’s response to Blogger Mobile has been glowing! Here are a few folks I’ve found talking about it:

Der Amerikanische Urlauber:

Der Amerikanische Urlauber“So I got myself all set up and have the addresses in my cell phone. This is fantastic. Now I can go around snapping a picture or two each day of my trip and send it to this blog and post some commentary or whatever. I’m going to turn this thing into a little travel journal. Follow Joe’s travels through Italy… Oh man that’s really cool! Yay for modern technology!”


“The feature is extremely convenient. Just send a picture, some text, or both to [email protected]. Blogger actually makes a new blog, then sends you a message back… I merged back to ThoughtLab and my initial post was automatically moved to ThoughtLab (from the autogenerated blogspot blog). I also typed in the URL of the autogenerated blog that I received in my message from Blogger, and I got a “not found” message, so the autogenerated blog is automatically deleted. Slick.”


“They should be ashamed of themselves. This should be at least a ten step process!”

“It really is that simple. Get on your phone and send an email to [email protected]. Done. Whatever you sent, text, picture, or both, get posted to a blog (the email subject is the post title). It’s that easy. Either just post, and do nothing else, or set up a full-fledged post-to-your blog system, or anything in between.”

Nathan’s also stoked about the Jingle!

“As good as the new Blogger Mobile is, I find myself obsessed with its catchy jingle: ‘Snap a photo and type some text; send it to Blogger and we’ll do the rest!.’ Now we know who’s responsible for the li’l ditty: Grant Shellen. Grant’s got a few words on the ditty on his blog, as well as the world exclusive extended version (yeah, its 15 seconds; so what?).”

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