How to install visual novel

Because there are so many people asking me like “how to install this vn” “how do i extract it” and etc, so i decided to make a basic tutorial on how to install visual novel. Please read it carefully.


Before you start installing visual novel, make sure you have all of this application or already follow all my settings here.

WinrarDownload here

Daemon Tools LiteDownload here

Locale EmulatorDownload here

If you already have it, so let’s get started.

1. Change system locale

Open “control panel/settings” – select “change date, time, or number formats” – navigate to “administrative” tab and select “change system locale” – choose “Japanese (Japan).

2. Install locale emulator

The link is already provided above and just follow the tutorial there.

3. VCredist and DirectX

Now all visual novel need this two components … you dont need some tutorial just for install it.
VCredist – Download here
DirectX – Download here

Installing Visual Novel

Make sure you already follow all the steps above and also already have Winrar, Daemon tools lite and locale emulator installed.

1. Mount it
If you have already have Daemon tools lite installed on your computer, you just need to open it like you open basic program

It will make a new virtual drive with the visual novel title on it.
2. Run setup
Open setup.exe with locale emulator
Right click on setup.exe – locale emulator – run in japanese
(Sometime if we dont use this tools, windows cannot read japanese text)
3. Install it
Just press the next button or something like it, if there was some checkbox selection, just tick it.
(Install on c drive)
4. Crack or patch it
If it was not preinstalled then check the folder/rar file if there was a crack/patch file.
copy the crack/patch file to the destination folder (Don’ forget to turn off your antivirus protection)

5. Running the visual novel

Use locale emulator to run the vn , Right click on the visual novel exe file – locale emulator – run in japanese.
Done 😊😊
If you still having problem, just comment here or ask me on discord for fast response.

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