Koi Suru Doll to Omoi no Kiseki ~Poupee de Souhaits~ Free Download


When he was a young boy, Tomoki met the puppet master Asuha who didn’t ‘use’ the dolls, but cherished them like people. He doesn’t remember those times clearly, but he felt like the dolls there were alive when he snuck into her mansion and talked with them. Those days were his most distant and happiest memories.

Now he works as a part-time freelance figure modeller while attending design classes at Tourin Gakuen. One day, there was a rumour of a suspicious person around town. He openly dismissed the rumours as unfounded, but was actually afraid due to his timid nature. It was actually a strange wooden doll which attacked him. However, a hooded girl with different coloured eyes which were bright like jewels leapt out to defeat the wooden doll and protect him, collapsing from exhaustion afterwards.

Then, another girl named Ena appeared before him as he was still dumbfounded at what occurred. She pulled out a figure from the doll, which he instantly recognized as his first figure Towa. She nodded and pulled up the hood from the fallen girl. She had the same face as the figure. “I… returned… to fulfill our promise… master…”


Title: Koi Suru Doll to Omoi no Kiseki ~Poupee de Souhaits~
Length: Medium
Developer: Sugar Pot
Pubilsher: Sugar Pot
Genre: Romance, School



File Name : Koi Suru Doll to Omoi no Kiseki ~Poupee de Souhaits~
File Size : 1,4 GB
Password : visual_novel_lovers

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