Look Ma, A Blogger Meetup!

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I just got this evite along with 278 other Bay Area bloggers. Not sure if it’s a real deal or not—are there such things as party spammers yet? Get a whole bunch of folks to show up somewhere and then try to sell them some junk? Anyway, I’ve been to one or two sparsely attended blogger meetups but I have a feeling this one could be crowded. So if you’re a Bay Area blogger and you’re looking to meetup with other bloggers next month, here you go:

KRON4 television is hosting a meet-up of Bay Area bloggers at noon on Saturday, June 11, 2005. Snacks will be served and we’ll have a little memento for attendees. There’s no agenda other than helping facilitate this meet-up. We recognize the significance of the personal media revolution, and we want to listen to what you’re saying. We think this is a good way to start.

Maybe I can round up some Blogger folks and we’ll crash that event. (If it’s the real deal.)

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