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Last Friday, Inside Google posted about a Blog*Spot user who had allegedly received an email from Blogger that stated the MSN Search box on his blog constituted a violation of Blogger’s Terms of Service. I’d like to clarify a couple of points about this claim:

  1. You have always been able to run non-Google services on your blog. In the same way you can use Yahoo’s Flickr to post photos to your blog, you can include an MSN Search box in your template. We consider it a violation of the terms to modify the Blogger navbar, but that’s not what was reported to have happened here.
  2. We did not send a request to have the MSN Search box removed. We reviewed the information that’s been made available, and we found no such request from our support teams.
  3. We did not delete nor remove the blog in question from Blog*Spot.

Our content policies enable the widest range of expression possible. And we’re proud that Blogger users can customize their blogs in the manner that suits them best … even if that means using another search tool.

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