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Jacob Nielsen has a new Alertbox column: Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes. He has some good tips and points worth considering, though issue #4 does conflict with my love of Suck-style linking.

(Also, I take offense to #10. My Geocities website, at TimesSquare #2334, was awesome. It kicked ass. It even got mentioned in an issue of The Duelist. Hell, yeah! The one with Xena on the cover. I bet Jakob Nielsen’s deck sucks, anyway. It probably uses four colors and has no land. Of course, my site isn’t there any more, so I guess Nielsen gets the last laugh. Meh. Don’t worry, though; We don’t get rid of Blogspot blogs, even if you do leave them languishing for years.)

If you want to play along on Blogger, here are some help articles to get you started: Profiles (#1, #2); Create a title for your post (#3); Do more with links (#4); Edit your link list (#5); Vote for feature requests (#6); Create a new blog (#8); What to do if your mom discovers your blog (#9, sorta); Using Blogger to FTP (#10, also known as Robb’s Law).

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