Blogger Web Comments for Firefox

Ever want to know what bloggers are saying about a web page but been too lazy to do anything more than watch slick animations? You clearly have a fever for which the only cure is Blogger Web Comments, our new extension for Firefox 1.5. Once it’s installed, you can see instant results from Blog Search showing you posts about the page you’re looking at. Plus, there’s a Blogger posting form built in, so you can immediately make a post on your own blog. Glen Murphy has a little story about making the extension in his announcement post on the Google Blog.

You’ll need the new Firefox 1.5 to use this, which makes the three to four minutes directly following your reading of this post the perfect time to try Firefox out, or upgrade if you’re still using Firefox 1.0. Download Firefox from

There are more nifty things you can install to make Firefox even more useful. There’s the Google Toolbar for Firefox (which includes a BlogThis! button for more Blogger posting possibilities) and the extensions described in the Wired News article, “The Firefox Hacks You Must Have.”

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