Browse Profiles! Find new blogs to read!

Say you live in Albuquerque, count the Smashing Pumpkins among your favorite bands, and like sushi. Starting today, we’re making it easy for you to find other bloggers who share your interests.

Now you can go to any Blogger profile page (start with your own, or perhaps another popular blogger’s) and follow any of the links on the page to get a list of other bloggers with the same industry, occupation, location, interest, or favorite book, movie, or music.

The Browse Profile results are tuned to show you people who have recently updated their blogs at the top, so you can find blogs with fresh posts.

If you haven’t filled out your profile, do it now to help people find your blog. Here’s how.

Don’t want to be found? Just edit your profile and uncheck the “Share my profile” box, and your profile won’t show up when other people browse.

Still curious about Blogger profiles? Read our FAQ.

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