Damatte Watashi no Muko ni Nare!

Damatte Watashi no Muko ni Nare! – ensemble

On the second day of the new school term, Naoki was walking to Seiran Gakuen with his imouto Fumuko when he witnessed a group of men forcing a girl in a dress into a car. He jumped in to help her and with help from his friends was able to get her away from the kidnappers. That’s when a a butler appeared beat the kidnappers and scared them off. His relief turned to bewilderment when the angered girl ordered the butler to fire a rocket launcher at the car the kidnappers were in. She smiled at him and invited him to her house as thanks for saving her. Of course, he declined the invitation and ran away as fast as he could.

However, that’s not the end of it. When he reached the school gates the next day, he finds the girl from the day before, Rin, arguing with his arranged fiancée, Reona. Rin notices him and gives him a kiss, telling him that she’ll make him her groom. The school ends up getting involved and a ‘bride poll’ is held to decide who he will marry. Wait, why is his future being decided by a popularity vote!?


TitleDamatte Watashi no Muko ni Nare!
Play timeMedium
GenreRomance, Comedy, Drama
Age rating18+
Japanese Version

Damatte Watashi no Muko ni Nare! [JP]
Size: 2,3gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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