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Some of our users have expressed concerns about the lack of up-to-date information on issues and bugs they’re seeing in the new version of Blogger in beta. What are the engineers aware of? What’s being worked on? And when have bugs been fixed? We’re addressing these questions with today’s launch of Known Issues for Blogger in Beta, a new blog that will contain fresh information about the status of issues and bugs that affect you.

While I am on the subject of communication, let me clarify the purpose of the various other communication channels that exist between the users and the Blogger Team:

  • Support form: Users can report problems with the application here to the Blogger support team. Depending on the issue the support team will answer with either some pointers to self-help information, ask for more information, or — in case of a new issue — report it to engineers for resolution. Issues that affect a large group of users will be resolved promptly (meaning that an engineer will start to work on it right away) whereas problems that just apply a single blog or account may take a little longer to fix.
  • Blogger Status: This venue is used by the Blogger Team to report production outages, such as database problems. This is not a place where we report known application issues.
  • Blogger Buzz: This blog contains information about new product features on Blogger as well as posts about cool and interesting things that go on the blogosphere.
  • Blogger Help Group: Here Blogger users help each other with gotchas, tricks, hacks, etc. The Blogger support and engineering teams monitor this forum and occasionaly post on issues of general interest, but it is not the goal of the Help Group to become an alternative to the Support form.

I hope this note helps to clarify at which site/blog to seek help in various situations. And many thanks to the good folks on the Blogger Help Group for their feedback, which helps us provide a better service for all users.

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