New Template Widgets: Newsreel and Video Bar

Thanks to our friends from the Ajax Search API team, we now have two more fun and useful widgets you can add to your new Blogger blog: Newsreel and Video Bar:

The Newsreel searches Google News for your chosen keywords and displays an ever-updating list of their search results. The Video Bar does the same for Google Video and YouTube searches, and even lets you play the videos without leaving your blog! Check out Pete’s mobile blog for particularly erudite examples of the Newsreel and Video Bar in action.

To use the new widgets, click your blog’s Layout link on your Dashboard, then click “Add a Page Element.” You’ll find the new widgets right at the top. As a bonus, the Newsreel will change from a list of summaries to a scrolling ticker depending on whether it’s in the sidebar or the main column, so drag ’em around and see what you like.

Not using the Layouts feature of the new Blogger? We have a help article that explains how to switch your classic template to Layouts.

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