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Toshiya’s twin imouto Rui is part of the student council at Alexandra girls’ school, a school for the nobility, and is highly admired by all students. Rui injured her leg in a training accident and wanted him to take her place until she heals completely.

The student council officers (D’Artagnan, Athos, Aramis and Porthos), fondly called the “three musketeers”, are happy to see ‘Rui’ again. Will he be able to keep up this disguise until Rui returns?


Title: Noblesse of Rouge
Release: 2013-09-27
Length: 10-50 hours
Developer: ChuableSoft
Publisher: ChuableSoft
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action, School



File Name : Noblesse of Rouge
File Size : 2,9 GB
Password : visual_novel_lovers

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