Open The Hand

I spent last week in Boston. However, before I left I went to an Ottmar Liebert concert at the Saratoga Mountain Winery, the beautiful venue pictured above. In addition to playing some amazing music, Ottmar is supremely *with it* Free Culture style. (This came as no surprise of course since it was Eric Case that turned me on to his acoustic stylings and geektastic leanings.) Ottmar is blogging, he’s podcasting, and he’s released his music under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus license. Here’s what he said to much applause at the end of strong set at the winery:

“I decided that copyright, it sort of seemed like everybody was holding on to everything. So as an artist I thought, “What can I do?” Open the hand. So what we’re doing is releasing the album with a Creative Commons license. It’s a sampling plus license.”

If you get a chance to go to one of Ottmar’s concerts, I highly recommend it. If you can’t make it to a live show then listen to his music online or buy his current release. It’s good stuff.

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