Re CATION ~Melty Healing~ Free Download


Spring —

In your second year of work, your life is shaken-up by a sudden relocation to a branch office in a new town. Despite the surprises of a hectic day, you manage to unpack and unwind.

Surrounded by the new faces of your superiors and quirky coworkers, you make your introduction to the office. Hot-off introductions, you are shoved into a leadership role of a new major company initiative. Feelings of anxiety, excitement, and optimism fill your stomach as you begin and adjust to your new life and responsibilities.

As fate would have it, the encounters do not stop at your new coworkers – the Spring of your love is finally set in motion…


Title: Re CATION ~Melty Healing~
Length: 30 Hours
Developer: Hibiki Works
Pubilsher: Hibiki Works
Genre: Romance



File Name : Re CATION ~Melty Healing~
File Size : 3,1 GB
Password : visual_novel_lovers

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