We've Gone Mobile

Blogger Mobile has launched! When you send an email or MMS to [email protected] we set up a new blog for you and post your photo and text to it. You can keep the blog we set up for you or switch everything over to your existing blog by signing in to go.blogger.com with the code we send to your phone.

It just so happens that we have agents in the field right now. Jason Goldman, Blogger Product Manager is on a trip to New Zealand using his camera phone to send photos and captions to mobiletoe.blogspot.com. Chris Wetherell, Blogger UI Engineer is touring with his band in Europe and documenting the experience at photable.blogspot.com. (Yes, one of our engineers is also a rock star.) I’m going to tell them to switch their posts to publish to this blog. Why? Because we can!

Also, it’s important to note that Blogger Mobile is the first-ever Blogger feature that ships with it’s own jingle. Grant Shellen whipped it up for us.

The comic strip art on go.blogger.com is by Phil Pascuzzo, he does lots of neat illustration and design stuff. With the jingle and the comic-style illustration Blogger Mobile is an all together highly professional endeavor. For more information see: On-the-Go with Blogger Mobile, They Are Among Us, and Blogger Mobile FAQs.

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