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by Ross Peter Nelson, Software Engineer, Google Calendar

Do you have an event you’d like to invite your readers to?  Thanks to Blogger Gadgets, this is now a piece of cake.  Click the Customize link in the toolbar, and go to the Layout tab.  There, you’ll see the Add a Gadget link. The Event Gadget is currently one of the featured gadgets, or you can add it directly by clicking “add your own” and entering the URL  You’ll then be taken to a configuration page that lets you enter information about your event. Once you click Save, it will be visible on your blog for everyone to see.

The gadget allows your readers to indicate whether they are going to attend the event, and lets them see which of their FriendConnect friends will be there too. In addition, anyone with a Google Calendar account can simply click a link to have that event added to their Google Calendar.

You can add multiple events to your blog as long as you give each one a different title or ID, and we’ll keep track of who’s attending which one.

This is one of many features announced as part of Blogger’s 10th birthday. Happy Birthday!

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