Thanks for the feedback so far!

Two weeks ago we asked for your feedback about what you’d like to see on Blogger, and you’ve responded overwhelmingly! Since we opened the Product Ideas forum, we’ve received over 60,000 votes from 2500 users on 1500 different suggestions. We’re very interested in the ideas we’ve seen so far, and hope that you keep them coming until the form closes on Friday, May 14th.

In the meantime though, we’ve noticed a few things on the Feature Request list that already have solutions, and we’d like to pass that information along to you:

  • Importing blogs from WordPress

While we don’t offer this feature directly within the Blogger UI, a handy little service called WordPress2Blogger (which is hosted on App Engine) will help you convert your WordPress blog into a Blogger blog. Then from your dashboard, click “Import” to import the converted file.

  • Feeds for labels

This can be done easily using the following URL structure:

  • Feeds for Comments

This feed is also available now, with the following URL:

  • ShareThis widget for Blogger

The ShareThis widget can be added easily from their website, which supports Blogger blogs.

  • Multi-selects on posts to add labels in bulk

The Edit Posts list already support multi-selecting, so feel free to bulk-label to your heart’s desire 🙂

  • “Democratic” Blog of Note voting process

That’s what the Blog of Note section of the Product Ideas page is for! We’ll be posting many more of your suggested Blogs of Note, so please do keep an eye out.

Again, we really do appreciate all the great feedback and suggestions we’ve seen so far. We hope that you will continue to add more to the Product Ideas page over the next week, and make sure to get all of your votes in before the forum closes Friday, May 14th.

Update 5/15: The forum is now closed. Thanks for all the feedback!

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