Updated: Accurate Post Preview and New Video Player

You might have already noticed that in addition to the Blogger Template Designer, we added some other new features in our recent release.

First, the accurate post preview, a feature that’s been available on Blogger in Draft, is now available to everyone. Before you publish a post, you may want to preview your post to see how it will actually look to your readers, in the same format and style of your current Blogger theme. To try it, click the Preview button on the New Post page. You will see a new window open with the accurate preview of the post.

We also introduced a new video player that’s based on the YouTube player. The new Blogger video player allows full-screen viewing — now visitors can watch videos that you published on your blog in full-screen mode. The new player also features a better user interface, such as animated seekbar (the red bar along the bottom of the video) and bigger buttons. You can also right-click on the player to see more information about the video, such as playback performance (“Show Video Info”) or network speed (“Take Speed Test”). Note that despite the new video player, the videos you upload to Blogger are still only visible on your blog, not on YouTube.

As always, please send your suggestions and feedback through the Blogger User Forum. Thanks for using Blogger!

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