Hajimeru Sekai no Risouron -goodbye world index-

Hajimeru Sekai no Risouron -goodbye world index- – Whirlpool

This is somewhere that is not “there” where you live.

The main character, a boy named Shin Onomiya, is one of the “reincarnated” who answered the call of the god who controls this world,
Shin Onomiya, the main character, is one of the “reincarnated” who answered the call of the god who controls this world.

I want you to lead the world correctly.

What God entrusted to him is the future of this distorted world itself.
He is surrounded by friends who, like him, have been invited from different worlds.
While fighting against the shadowy monster called “the enemy of the world,” a calm and lively “daily life” was going on.

The boy’s heart is scarred.
The world he once lived in was riddled with lies, and those lies killed him.

When he was reborn in this world, he asked God for the ability “Doubt.
It is the power to see through the lies of others.
He hoped that the lies would never hurt him again.

But at the same time, this power also revealed the hearts of his friends.
What they had kept hidden in their hearts and what they wanted to turn away from.
By touching the wounds of these girls, awkwardly, little by little, the distance between them grows closer.

Every day, the countdown to the end of the world ticks down in “Doomsday Index.

Having lost their own place in the past, they hide the ideal of “this is how it should have been” in their hearts,
The world changes its shape according to the thoughts of the boys and girls who have been invited.

Beyond the apocalypse.
Toward the ideal world that someone else holds up.


TitleHajimeru Sekai no Risouron -goodbye world index-
Aliasesはじめるセカイの理想論 -goodbye world index-
Play timeMedium
GenreRomance, Magic
Age rating18+
Japanese Version

Hajimeru Sekai no Risouron -goodbye world index- [JP]
Size: 3,2gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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