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(just linking to a few notable blogs that crossed my path in the past few days)

1. The Boing Boing crew just launched a new blog on Blogger beta – the Boing Boing Digital Emporium:

“The four of us at Boing Boing love music, comics, videos, and books. We especially love them in digital format so we can store them on capacious hard drives, instead of cramming more things into our already overstuffed bookcases. And we super-extra especially love them to be DRM-free so we can read, watch, and listen to them on our MP3 players, on our handheld devices, on our computers, and in our cars.”

“That’s why we created the Boing Boing Digital Emporium, launching today. We’ll be selling our favorite DRM-free digital goods and giving the the majority of the proceeds (minus the transaction charges imposed by Paypal and Payloadz) to the creators of those goods.”

2. Blogger-powered news from Thailand is available from Bangkok Pundit and 19sep.

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