Magatsu Barai

Magatsu Barai – light

“Spiritshine” is a mysterious power that has long-existed in humanity and nature. Hayato Isurugi—the apprentice of a “Spiritualist,” whose livelihood is to master the use of that power and exorcise demons—was enjoying his peaceful young life at Shinwa Academy.

Working part-time making charms to earn money; enjoying silly, lighthearted conversation with good friends; and secretly planning out a gift for his older sister as thanks for all that she does for him… But his ordinary, albeit pleasant routine is shattered by the arrival of an unforeseen assailant.

While the Academy falls into pandemonium, Hayato is deathly injured trying to protect his friends. But just as he is about to die, he encounters a young woman named “Magatsu,” the incarnation of an evil spirit sealed by his ancestors. It was 1,000 years ago, during the Heian era, that the city was shaken by the 13 Demon Generals. Taking the appearance of a beautiful young woman, the Calamity Shion smiled.

“Well, now… do you want to live, fool?”

“Here is the deal. Free me thyself.”

“And I will give thee strength.”

And thus the story began. The glistening days of youth.

“Even a little rock can make something happen if it starts moving!”

Like a clear sky, Magatsu Barai.


TitleMagatsu Barai
Play timeLong
Age rating18+
Japanese Version

Magatsu Barai [JP]
Size: 7,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

Magatsu Barai [JP]
Size: 7,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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