Natsuiro Koi Uta

Natsuiro Koi Uta – Studio Ryokucha

Kamiki Kazuma was placed under his great-grandfather’s control as a young man. However, as a result of his childhood illness, he was labeled as being unworthy and removed from his great-grandfather’s oversight. As a result, he was able to return to a normal lifestyle and went back to enjoying a normal life with his childhood friend, Takanashi Hikaru.

After his great-grandfather died several years later, the Kamiki Family stopped its tradition of absolute control. As a result, his little sister Ayaka, who was attending a boarding school, was able to return to a normal life.

He’d finally obtained a normal life. However, a girl naming herself his fiance, Suwa Shion, appears, disrupting his quiet life.

At the same time, Tsukiyono Yuuna, who was being forced to attend marriage interviews with an older man by her father, sought to find some way to get him to give up on her.

As a result, she lies by saying that she was going out with Kazuma, who just happened to be there. Kazuma, wanting to do something about the fiance who had suddenly appeared before him, decides to go along with Yuuna’s lie.

And so their life as a false couple begins. What will happen to them from here on?


TitleNatsuiro Koi Uta
Play timeMedium
DeveloperStudio Ryokucha
PublishersStudio Ryokucha
GenreSchool, Romance
Age rating18+
Japanese Version

Natsuiro Koi Uta [JP]
Size: 3,1gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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