ALIA's CARNIVAL! Flowering Sky Free Download

ALIA’s CARNIVAL! Flowering Sky – NanaWind

This is the sequel to Alia’s Carnival!. Spring turned to summer at Sakumodai Gakuen, which is home to the future science curriculum and self-governed by students who possess ‘arcane’ abilities. As usual, Ren is giving it his all in his quest for ALIA, enjoying his school life with his group of friends.

One day, a strange girl Inori appeared, proclaiming that she is a messenger from the student council. After that, his surroundings began to gradually change. What kind of story awaits him?


TitleALIA’s CARNIVAL! Flowering Sky
AliasesALIA’s CARNIVAL! フラワリングスカイ
Play timeMedium
GenreSchool, Romance, Slice of life
Age rating18+

ALIA’s CARNIVAL! Flowering Sky
Size: 3,2gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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