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A while back, Jen Garrett made a pledge to visit 100 blogs in 100 days. That is a bold endeavor and only the most stubborn among us could possibly honor the commitment. So, I thought we should check in on her. So far, this is the impressive list she has so far come up with.

  1. The Complex Mind by Mr. Ortiz
  2. Pencil Revolution
  3. Number 4 of 5
  4. The Swashbookler
  5. Pamie: Pop Culture Princess
  6. Las Fashionistas
  7. A Strip A Day
  8. Watch Out for Falling Debris
  9. The Call of the Green Monster
  10. Absolutely Ordinary
  11. It’s Raining Noodles!
  12. Foreign in Frankfurt
  13. Life Is Sweet, Baby
  14. Journal of the Unintelligent
  15. A … my name is Allison
  16. All Out of Angst
  17. Edify

So far so good! You can read her archive pages from August and September to see why Ms Garrett has picked these particular blogs. Jen, are you going to make the full list of 100 blogs with your notes available when you’re done? Feedster 500, you will meet your match when the Jen Garrett 100 is finally released.

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