Koibana Ren'ai Mini Fandisk After Festival

Koibana Ren’ai Mini Fandisk After Festival – ASa Project

The summer vacation is over and the guys have all gathered again, talking about love even more ecstatically than before, regardless of whether they’ve managed to get a girlfriend or not. They’re filled with anticipation for the upcoming school festival, where they can once again spend time with the girls.

This is a fandisc that includes after stories for the main heroines, along with mini-episodes for the sub-couples featuring Inori, Fumi, and Mia. This fandisc contains 11 scenarios in total.


TitleKoibana Ren’ai Mini Fandisk After Festival
Aliasesコイバナ恋愛 ミニファンディスク アフターフェスティバル
Play timeMedium
DeveloperASa Project
PublishersASa Project
GenreComedy, School, Romance
Age rating18+
Japanese Version

Koibana Ren’ai Mini Fandisk After Festival [JP]
Size: 2,3gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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