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Within the buffer zone between the Karji Federation and the Willkar Empire, lies the Frost Special Neutral Zone. Despite being a successful tourist destination, due to the immigration of various races, it has become a place of endless incidents and conflicts as well.

Working as a detective for the Trigger Detective Agency, which is located within the Special Neutral Zone, is the protagonist Sakaki Kai.

He is searching for someone who went missing during the last war, his childhood friend Yuzuriha Saina――

Even though Saina has been seen several times in the area, he is still unable to trace her steps.

Meanwhile, on a hill overlooking the city, he meets a girl named Milli, reaching her hand towards the sky.

Just like Saina, lamenting the world full of constant conflicts, Milli wishes for peace.
And with this chance encounter, the fates of Kai, the Special Neutral Zone, and the world, are about to change drastically.

A story of overcoming the lost past and moving on to the future―― Here, it begins.


TitleUnravel trigger
Play timeMedium
GenreAction, Magic
Age rating18+
Japanese Version

Unravel trigger [JP]
Size: 8,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers

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